I Was Here, Dark Tourism, Ambroise Tézenas
Rencontres d'Arles, Bernard Plossu
From Hara-Kiri to Charlie Hebdo, A.Baumann X.Lambours
On Paris, Alain Cornu

Photographs : Renaud Bouchez

In the Red Sea, the Oman Gulf and the Arabian Sea, about twenty floating armouries provide tankers and other big commercial vessels with private guards and weapons to ensure their safety and prevent pirates’ attacks.
Former troops coming from all over the world, now working as safety contractors, are brought to these platforms in the open seas where they wait for a few days or weeks prior to be sent on the boat they will escort.


Photographs : Christophe Calais


Photographs : Jérémie Jung and Jean-Pierre Sageot


Photographs : Jérémie Jung

After the series of attacks which struck the capital on Friday, November 13th, 2015, making 129 deaths and 352 wounded persons, the Parisians collect take themselves on the places which were touched : the Bataclan, the street of Charonne and return, as after January 7th, 2015, on the square of the Republic.


Photographs : Florence Levillain

Florence Levillain followed Santa Claus all year round, from the Parisian suburb to Cambodia, between winter blues and well deserved holidays, household chores and distribution of presents.


Photographs : Didier Goupy

Didier Goupy goes behind the scene at Aston-Martin's Gaydon headquarters to photograph some of the people who design, build and market the beautiful sports cars.


Photographs : Raphaël Helle

When the climate is disordered, crocodiles go back towards the polar circle, the polar bears roast in deserts, and oranges make anything. From Morocco to Sweden, from Iceland to the Arab emirates, the photographer Raphaël Helle and the actress Caroline Amoros alias Miss O'Range question under the shape of an ironic and unpredictable photographic, poetic fable, a climatic disorder bound to the irrational behavior of the human beings.


Photographs : Christophe Calais

When the institution celebrates its 70 years, report behind the scenes of its headquarters in New York.


Photographs : Balint Porneczi

Hungary border with Serbia has become a major crossing point into the European Union, with more than 160 000 entering Hungary so far this year.



Photographies de Raphaël Helle


Photographs : Alain Cornu

Rencontres d'Arles, Night of the year, carte Blanche to Signatures.

Seven thousand years ago, human beings cut and raised stones in Western Europe. These stones, venerated as sacred objects, are particularly numerous in Ile-de-France and constitute the first trace of our civilisation’s architecture. By photographing them, Alain Cornu sought to highlight these messengers from the past, recovering their sacred nature and emphasising how their being unites humanity, nature and time. 


Photographs : George Georgiou

Last Stop, a double-sided concertina book exploring London's diversity. Photographed through the windows of its double decker buses.


Photographs : Luc Choquer