Bénédicte Lassalle

Born in Provence in 1975, she lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area. After a career in Marketing, she studies photography at the Centre Iris in Paris in 2005 that leads her off to a freelance photographer career. In her work, she finds poetry in the surroundings and objects of ordinary, everyday life. She is inspired by traces of individuality, timelessness and composition. Her work, influenced by photographic journalism, aims to capture its subject’s sensations – to record rather than embellish. Bénédicte has won several awards, has been featured in numerous publications, and exhibited in the U.S. and Europe. She is currently working on The Coming Out Project, a series of portraits of gay men and women. The project has been part of a show at the Brush Gallery, curated by Jen Mergel, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA in 2011. The project has also been exhibited in its entirety at the New England Biennal 2012 au Brattleboro Museum, VT - a juried show curated by Stephen Haller, Director of Stephen Haller Gallery, New York City and Mara Williams, Chief Curator, Brattleboro Museum, VT. She teaches photography and regularly offers talks, class visits and lectures at museums, galleries, schools and colleges in the US and abroad. Bénédicte is represented by the agency Révélateur in Paris and by the Kayafas Gallery in Boston, MA. She has joined Signatures Photographies in 2013.

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